The Squid Game consists of a series of six matches in which losers pay with their lives, but can more than one player win the prize?

At the end of the Squid Game, only one player emerges victorious, but could the prize money have gone to more than one player? Seong Gi-hun is recruited to participate in a cruel event of death games in which the winner wins 45.6 billion Won, according to Netflix’s Squid Game. Every single player was chosen based on their financial desperation, with several, such as Sang-woo, owing millions of dollars or fearing death if they cannot repay their debts.

The players play a series of children’s games in which they must win all six in order to take home the prize money. When the first game of Red Light, Green Light starts, the participants are surprised to learn that disobeying the rules or losing means death, not going home. In episode 2, the majority of the players, including the Old Man, vote no to continue the games, which sends them home temporarily. The participants return for a total of five more games, with the exception of Gi-hun, who returns home with severe stress and billions of Won.

Some players formed alliances along the process in the hopes of standing together in the Squid Game’s final challenge and sharing the prize money. This never happens because the final game is a one-on-one match between Gi-hun and Sang-woo, and a winner was required. It was unclear whether more than one contender might have won and shared the prize money because only one player won the entire event. There is no warning that just one player can be proclaimed the winner when going back to the rules offered by Squid Game’s staff to determine how players can win the full game. If Sae-byeok had made it through the night before the final Squid Game encounter, he would have won.It’s feasible that she and Gi-hun could have formed a team against Sang-woo and won the game together, unless even teams were required, like in marbles.

When the staff initially greets the players in Squid Game episode 1, one of the square-shaped staff members says, “Those who win all six games will earn a magnificent cash award,” hinting that more than one player can take it home. At the same time, the Front Man, the Old Man (who was shown to oversee the game), and the VIPs are unlikely to allow it to happen. They wager on who will win and lose, and they enjoy themselves as much as possible when there is as much carnage as possible, and the Front Man would hate to disappoint their cruel backers with a boring, multi-winner Squid Game finish. Squid Game’s regulations hint that it isn’t a battle royale game in which the last person standing wins, butt’s never explicitly stated or enacted.

Furthermore, it’s been hypothesised that the last Squid Game, which took place in 1988, had only one winner, with Jun-ho discovering his brother, now known as the Front Man, as the winner in the 2015 events. Because Squid Game doesn’t show any other previous winners, it’s still unclear whether or not just single players have won. While the Hunger Games and the Squid Game had quite distinct themes and plots, the former did, in one important exception, alter the rules to allow many people to win. It’s also feasible that no one will win the Squid Game because the rules stipulate that players must win all six games.

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