Boruto: Jigen’s Defeat Is a More Brutal Version of Orochimaru’s Naruto Fate
When these gates are utilised wrongly to resuscitate Boruto’s Jigen and Naruto’s Orochimaru, they both lose their catalysts that allow them to resurrect.

Orochimaru loses his immortality in Naruto due to the Cursed Seal of Heaven, and Jigen, Boruto’s next adversary, has just duplicated that loss in a much more terrible fashion.

One of Orochimaru’s attempts to live forever in Naruto involves branding shinobi with his Cursed Seal of Heaven, which progressively corrodes the minds of those affected so that he might eventually take their bodies. Anko is the villain’s initial choice for a potential vessel. When Orochimaru passes out, Sasuke uses the Evil Releasing Method on Anko’s branded seal in an attempt to resurrect him. The issue is that having the Cursed Seal of Heaven as a means of resurrecting Orochimaru eliminates Anko’s mark. Orochimaru is resurrected, but he loses Anko as a possible vessel if he dies again.

Isshiki may reincarnate through vessels in Boruto as long as he can successfully pass his self-augmenting Karma mark onto other people. Isshiki is successful with the monk Jigen, but later finds a better vessel in the child Kawaki. Isshiki, who now goes by the name Jigen, is subsequently devoured by a wall of flames that he can’t eat because they’re devoid of chakra, and that he can’t shrink since he’s already spent his chakra. Isshiki’s karma attempts to revive in Kawaki after Jigen’s corpse is incinerated, but because Kawaki’s karma has yet to extract all of Isshiki’s data, Isshiki is compelled to resurrect in Isshiki’s actual form. But whenever an Ohtsutsuki like Isshiki reincarnates, all other Karma markings on their other vessels vanish

When the catalyst is used wrongly to resurrect Jigen and Orochimaru, they lose their power to reincarnate. Jigen’s resurrecting procedure begins immediately after the demise of his current vessel by searching for another body that contains his Karma. When Jigen’s body burns, he resurrects in his real form and loses all other vessels because no other vessel is available. This is terrible for Isshiki because if he dies before passing on his Karma mark to someone else, he would be permanently dead. Sasuke learns that by using the Evil Releasing Method on Anko’s Cursed Seal of Heaven, he can resurrect Orochimaru.While this procedure may resurrect Orochimaru, it also frees Anko of the mark, making it difficult for Orochimaru to utilise her body as a vessel if he dies.Jigen and Orochimaru both desired immortality by converting people’s bodies into their vessels via seals or face marks. Both villains lose their respective catalysts, which allowed them to reincarnate, when these gates are used to resurrect them in ways they never planned and that prove to be extremely destructive, but that were forced on them due to unforeseen events. Jigen resurrects too soon before his new vessel is ready, and Orochimaru’s is physically removed. Of course, Jigen’s failure in Boruto results in his death by burning, but in Naruto, Orochimaru just loses access to Anko’s seal.

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