The cursed conquistadors of Jungle Cruise have a lot in common with Barbossa’s crew from Pirates of the Caribbean

Lily (Emily Blunt), her brother MacGregor (Jack Whitehall), and their boat captain Frank (Dwayne Johnson) go on a journey to find a lost power in Jungle Cruise. Along the voyage, they face a variety of dangers, including some otherworldly perils that are reminiscent of earlier Disney villains.

The live-action Disney film based on a Disney Parks attraction, Jungle Cruise, introduces a new set of cursed villains, but their curse is considerably worse than what Barbossa and his companions had to cope with in Pirates of the Caribbean.

The main plot of Jungle Cruise revolves around the search for the Tree of Life. It’s claimed to contain unusual petals that can heal any wound or disease when they bloom, making it a strong and magical piece of fauna. For ages, legends have circulated about the tree, to the point that Aguirre (Édgar Ramrez) ventured out into the bush hundreds of years ago in quest of the petals that may heal his ailing daughter. The voyage, however, took him and his crew down a hazardous river and into dangerous waters, with many of them dying before they reached the tribe that knew where the Tree was concealed. But, surprise, the tribe welcomed them with open arms.

While the majority of the crew was temporarily at ease, Aguirre became irritated and attacked the chief, demanding the location of the Tree of Life. When he and Francisco were mortally wounded while attempting to stop the onslaught, the dying chief cursed them to be eternally bound to the river. They don’t get old, don’t die, and can’t get too far away from the river. Francisco spent countless years being sought down and slain by his former comrades for his treason, and his attempts to return home were foiled. He enticed the three surviving conquerors, including Aguirre, into a rocky cave because he was bored of the cycle. Having been rescued from the water,They merged into the wildlife and rocks in the area. Meanwhile, Francisco established a village and lived beside the river until the early twentieth century, when he adopted the name Frank.

The conquistadors, on the other hand, have a lot in common with the zombie pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl. A similar curse was placed on Barbossa and his crew in that film when they seized cursed treasure. Their bodies were twisted and destroyed by time, despite their immortality. As a result, they are fearsome and scary adversaries that are mostly skeleton and unstoppable. Barbossa and Aguirre have come to despise their affliction and yearn for the day when they may be free of it and experience a genuine connection to the world once more. Barbossa and Jack Sparrow were crewmates, therefore they have a link to the heroes, While the hatred between Frank and Aguirre runs deep in their centuries-old feud

There are some differences in motive, with Aguirre at least having a noble purpose for desiring the magical petals, as opposed to Barbossa and his other pirates’ more simple selfish acts. However, their final activities have comparable outcomes. In fact, given that Barbossa only had to cope with the curse for a few decades, Aguirre’s could be worse. But, regardless of who has it worse, the villains of Jungle Cruise get a modern twist on the same type of curse that afflicted Disney villains almost two decades earlier, giving the two films — both of which have their roots in Disney Parks — a new link.

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