Tom Ellis, who plays Lucifer in the Netflix series, discusses whether he’d ever considered joining the MCU or the DCEU.

Tom Ellis, the star of Lucifer, talked about joining the DC Extended Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ellis was asked if he wanted to be in a comic book movie in a fan Q&A for IMDb’s Fan Questions series. “Certainly. If you questioned most performers, I believe they would answer yes to that question “He went on to clarify.

When asked if he liked Marvel or DC, Ellis attempted to be as open-minded as possible. “Well, I don’t want to alienate myself from either at the time,” he remarked cheerfully, “so hmm… Whoever comes a-knocking.” Lucifer is, of course, based on the Vertigo Comics series, which is owned by DC.

This comes just days after Netflix released a nostalgic teaser for the show’s sixth season, as well as a launch date. On September 10, the Devil’s 10-episode final season will be available to watch, bringing a conclusion to the Devil’s long stay in Los Angeles.

Many fans were shocked by Lucifer Season 6’s rapid turnaround since they were still reeling from Season 5B’s dramatic ending, which saw huge changes to Lucifer’s place in the world and his relationship with police detective Chloe Decker. Executive Producer Chris Rafferty recently spoke on the influence of Season 5, which will result in a little genre shift in the following season due to the changed roles of key characters.

The group had a good time filming despite the tragic narrative, as demonstrated by the Season 5 joke reel provided by Netflix. In between shoots, actress Lauren German, who plays Chloe in the show, can be seen dancing and laughing with Ellis.

Season 6 of Lucifer will premiere on Netflix on September 10th, while Seasons 1-5 are now accessible to view.

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