In addition to the one previously announced, HBO Max is working on two new animated Game of Thrones shows one of which is about The Golden Empire of Yi Ti.
Two more animated Game of Thrones spinoff programs are being developed by HBO Max. In the recent decade, HBO has had a lot of success adapting George R.R. Martin’s hugely popular fantasy novels. During its seven-season run, it became one of the most popular shows on television. The Game of Thrones ending may have divided fans, but that hasn’t deterred HBO from continuing to explore the universe.

HBO is producing a number of shows in this realm that will add to the mythology of Game of Thrones. The only show that has been announced is House of the Dragon, a live-action Targaryan precursor. That show, which is set 300 years before the main Game of Thrones tale, is set to premiere on HBO in 2022. A half-dozen other live-action and animated projects are being developed by HBO and HBO Max. Now, it appears that more animated properties are in the works.

HBO Max is working on two new animated Game of Thrones shows, according to THR. At the start of 2021, a third Game of Thrones-inspired animated series was announced to be in the works. HBO Max hasn’t revealed any information about the two newest projects in the works. One of these three shows, according to THR’s sources, is set in the Golden Empire of Yi Ti.

The Golden Empire of Yi Ti is based on Imperial China and is thought to be one of Game of Thrones’ oldest and most powerful empires. After the Long Night, the empire arose to rule the Further East of Essos, following the fall of the Great Empire of the Dawn. Although Yi Ti was not mentioned in Game of Thrones, the region was mentioned as an Easter egg in Season 7 of The World of Ice and Fire. Season 5 may also have had a Golden Empire Red Priestess (shown top). Lord Corlys Velaryon famously sailed to the Golden Empire in the source material, so it could have ties to House of the Dragon. If the upcoming Game of Thrones prequel establishes that history,

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