The carbonite body of Han Solo has been auctioned off to the highest bidder, but Darth Vader isn’t happy that Jabba the Hutt won the sale.

The Star Wars world continues to speculate on what happened to Han Solo after Darth Vader froze him in carbonite. Vader sought to grab Solo’s body back from Jabba the Hutt before Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, according to the latest episode of Marvel Comics’ ongoing War of the Bounty Hunter saga.

Across the Skywalker Saga comics, the current War of the Bounty Hunters arc is taking place. So far, the story has followed Boba Fett as he attempts to recapture Han Solo’s stolen body. Who’s to blame? The Crimson Dawn and Lady Qi’ra Readers now know why Qi’Ra and the wicked organization stole Han’s body in the first place: to sell it to the highest bidder. Jabba the Hutt makes a significant offer for Han in the latest episode of the story, but Darth Vader shows up unexpectedly to stop the deal.

Darth Vader made it his mission to find and destroy Luke Skywalker after fully recommitting to the dark side. To do this, he plans to use Han Solo’s body as bait before killing the smuggler. A group of the galaxy’s most infamous players and villains meet on Jekara within The Vermillion, the Crimson Dawn’s ship, in Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunter by Charles Soule, Luke Ross, Travis Lanham, and Neeraj Menon. Solo’s frozen body is auctioned off by Qi’Ra, who says the victor can use him as a trophy, make him their slave, or murder him. From Jabba, the bidding climbs from a hundred thousand credits to one million credits. Darth Vad will be proclaimed the auction winner once the results are announced.

Lady Qi’Ra, who seems to thrive on strife, is overjoyed with Vader’s arrival. The Sith Lord, on the other hand, is all business, and he needs Solo’s corpse to help him find Luke. Jabba’s exorbitant price for the frozen hero makes it doubtful that he will give up to Vader easily, even if he is terrified by him.

While the story of Han Solo’s sojourn in carbonite already has a conclusion, the War of the Bounty Hunter adds intriguing new twists to the plot. Boba Fett’s loss of Han’s body, the role of the Crimson Dawn and Lady Qi’Ra in the incident, and now Darth Vader’s interference at the auction made Solo’s bounty far more difficult than the original Star Wars films portrayed. What remains to be seen is how far Darth Vader will go to reclaim Han Solo’s body. Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters is now available in comic shops.

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