Deadpool’s first Disney appearance breaks his timeline by reacting to Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy movie trailer as he killed Reynolds in the past.

Ryan Reynolds made his Disney debut as Deadpool to promote his new film Free Guy, but the clever marketing stunt accidentally messed up the Deadpool timeline. When 20th Century Fox agreed to let Reynolds make an R-rated Deadpool, they hit gold. The 2016 picture was a huge smash, and it spawned a sequel that would have been the start of a series. Deadpool’s fate changed once Disney purchased Fox and brought the Merc with a Mouth under the Disney umbrella and under the control of Marvel Studios.

Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool is set to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe and star in Deadpool 3, but he’s already made his first appearance at Disney. The Deadpool franchise is known for its amazing marketing strategies, and Reynolds is now mixing his enthusiasm for Deadpool with his latest endeavor, Free Guy, a Fox film that was greenlit and produced during Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Now, Deadpool has teamed up with Korg, a Marvel Cinematic Universe character originally introduced in Thor: Ragnarok, to make a reaction video to one of Free Guy’s trailers. It’s a hilarious piece of promotion that will almost certainly increase interest in Reynolds’ impending action-comedy, but it also throws Deadpool’s timeline off.

Although the first two Deadpool films are linked to the X-Men franchise and its convoluted history, they do follow a broad timeline based on the events of Ryan Reynolds’ solo films. This is still true after Deadpool 2’s post-credits scene, which involves time travel, but this is where the problems with the Free Guy trailer reaction begin. Deadpool travels through time in the post-credits scene of Deadpool 2, performing different duties, including killing X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s Deadpool. These circumstances also cause Deadpool to travel back in time and assassinate Ryan Reynolds before the debut of Green Lantern in theatres in 2011. Deadpool’s timeline has been thrown off by his reaction to the Free Guy trailer. How is it possible for Deadpool to react to a preview for a movie coming out in 2021 if Wade Wilson murdered Ryan Reynolds before 2011.

When it comes to Deadpool 2’s time travel laws, the post-credits scene is, to say the least, a disaster. Other than Deadpool surviving in one of the universes where he doesn’t kill Ryan Reynolds in 2011, allowing him to become a movie star, there is likely no credible explanation for how this is feasible. Of course, since the Free Guy teaser also mentions Deadpool (something Deadpool doesn’t let go unnoticed), Deadpool becomes a character in a reality where Ryan Reynolds also directed a Deadpool film.

In reality, the response to the Free Guy trailer is unlikely to have any impact on Deadpool’s destiny. It’s unclear whether or not the first two films will be considered canon now that he’s joined the MCU. That doesn’t change the fact that Reynolds missed an opportunity to make a reference to Deadpool killing him. Reynolds hasn’t shied away from Green Lantern jokes in the past, and the teaser reaction was meta enough to comment on Deadpool 2’s fridging controversy. However, now that Reynolds has finally seen the film, Deadpool’s days of mocking the animated green suit and his job choice may be numbered.

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