Director Justin Lin describes the postcredits scene in Fast & Furious 9 and indicates that it’s only the beginning of bringing true justice to Han.

According to filmmaker Justin Lin, the post-credits scene in Fast & Furious 9 is merely the beginning of bringing true justice to Han. After a long absence, the filmmaker returns to The Fast Saga, and this time he intends to see it through to the end. He will direct both Fast & Furious 10 and 11, which will be released back-to-back, in addition to the latest entry in the franchise.

The core plot of F9 centres around the return of Dom and Mia’s estranged brother, Jakob Toretto. While the younger Toretto sibling has no problems, he’s out to get even with Dom, who exiled him years ago after learning that he was involved in the racing disaster that killed their father. Cipher also plays a role in the film, as she sabotages Jakob’s plans. Aside from the main plot, there’s a lot of buzz regarding Han Solo’s comeback, who has been presumed dead for a long time after Deckard Shaw engineered his death in a car accident in Tokyo.

Since it was proven that the elder Shaw was responsible for the crash that killed Han, there has been a movement for him to face justice. Through F9’s post-credits scene, where the antagonists find themselves face-to-face, the online movement “Justice For Han” ultimately had a good development. Lin explains what the stinger implies going forward in an interview with THR. Here’s what Lin had to say:

It’s fascinating because a lot of people assume that when Han returns in Episode 9, he’ll be vindicated. That was never my impression. The problem with Justice for Han isn’t that he’s gone and we want him back; it’s that he’s gone and we want him back. Something wasn’t quite right, and we needed to figure out how to fix it. The treatment of this character, in my opinion, is the most important aspect of this. So, truly, justice for Han is how we treat him when he returns and as we move forward. There’s a lot to understand and examine, and that’s simply one of the things I wanted to convey to the audience — that there’s a lot more to come.

Han knocks on Deckard’s door in the aforementioned post-credits sequence, which is brief. The Shaw brother was definitely taken aback when he saw the man he allegedly murdered many years ago. Han, on the other hand, does not appear to be interested in learning how his assassin survived his attempted assassination. This virtually ensures that Deckard will appear in Fast & Furious 10 in some capacity, as it would be difficult to avoid mentioning the encounter given how hungry fans are to hear more about it. As Kang has stated, the chances of his character simply fighting Deckard are close to none, so it’ll be more fascinating than that.

Lin has made it clear that he intends to fully fulfil the justice that many fans continue to seek for what happened to Han in The Fast and Furious Saga. This particular storey aspect, however, will not be the core plot of any film. As a result, it’s understandable that it would take several films to thoroughly handle it. Fast & Furious 9’s post-credits scene is a positive first step, as it provides a clear message that this will be addressed later.

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