Since Han had been revealed to become alive in the F9 trailer, theories emerged about their survival. Listed here is exactly how he actually survived the automobile wreck that is explosive.

The Fast & Furious franchise has finally explained just how Han survived their motor vehicle accident almost a year and a half following the F9 that is the very first verified character’s return. Sung Kang’s appearance whilst the character that is beloved the sequel’s first-look footage, nonetheless it garnered more questions than responses. Though F9 explains exactly how Han lived to see another, mysteries still linger day.

Han’s Fast Saga debut came into the Fast while the Furious: Tokyo Drift as Sean Boswell’s (Lucas Black) mentor and friend. The type was actually introduced in Justin Lin’s pre-Fast & Furious movie, Better Luck Tomorrow despite serving as Han’s entry to the core saga. Han didn’t make it out alive in Tokyo Drift, but he wound up showing up in three franchise sequels and the film that is brief Los Bandoleros, growing as a vital person in Dominic Toretto’s (Vin Diesel) crew. Their status as being a fan-favorite Lin that is convinced to back Kang, but it took some trying out the Fast & Furious schedule.

To justify Han’s participation in sequels like Fast & Furious, Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6, Tokyo Drift’s spot along the schedule was shifted. Based on the Fast that is present continuity, the events of Tokyo Drift were said to take a spot after Fast & Furious 6. Though Han’s death came back into play in Furious 7, the smoothness wasn’t gone for long. He unearths in F9 just in time to assist Dom and their old friends into the battle against Jakob Toretto (John Cena), incorporating insight into their survival and whereabouts.

How Han Died (Originally & Furious 7 Retcon)

Soon after Sean relocated to Tokyo, Japan, Han stepped up to guide the heart that is lost. Sean, who immediately got down in the base that is wrong the current Drift King, Takashi (Brian Tee), dropped into the race scene. Despite destroying one of Han’s cars, Han offered to mentor Sean to be always a drifter that is skilled a chance at going toe-to-toe with Takashi. Han, meanwhile, was money that is secretly stealing a Yakuza employer who was Takashi’s uncle. After being confronted by this known fact, Han jumped into his Mazda RX-7 FD and attempted to flee from Takashi and their henchman. The pursuit finished whenever Han’s automobile was T-boned with a Mercedes within an intersection, flipping his automobile before it burst into flames, presumably killing him.

As a result of the scheduled shift, Han came back for the following three sequels with Fast & Furious 6, further describing Han’s demise. Within the credits scene, it absolutely was revealed Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) was the person behind the Mercedes who purposely T-boned Han. Considering Dom’s team delivered Deckard’s brother, Owen (Luke Evans), to your hospital following events of Fast & Furious 6, Deckard sought revenge. The function that is really out in Furious 7, retconning Han’s death to try out into Deckard’s eye-for-an-eye objective. Deckard left Dom’s silver cross necklace during the scene associated with the accident as being a message that is serious to the team, setting off the conflict in Furious 7.

Why Han Faked His Death

When Han ended up being revealed become alive in F9’s trailer, various theories arose to spell out his success. Maybe Han crawled into a manhole before the motor car caught on fire? Or possibly a figure that is mysterious to him through the wreckage. However, as it happens Han aided faked his own death with the aid of Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell), demonstrating he had been in regarding the plan the time that is whole.

With Tokyo Drift place that is taking Fast & Furious 6, Han ended up in Japan after making intends to stay static in the nation with Gisele Yashar (Gal Gadot) before her tragic death. In F9, a flashback reveals a gathering between Han and Mr. nobody in Tokyo where in fact the national government agent states he previously a brief history of dealing with Gisele. Her, Mr. Nobody tries to get Han as a member of his covert-ops team since he had been always in a position to trust. Without a function after Gisele’s death, Han takes the offer with a part that requires recovering a device called venture Aries. Whenever explaining to Dom and their buddies why he faked their death, Han states: “My death became the way in which is most beneficial to remain alive.” Evidently, going from the grid ended up being Han’s sole option that is viable continue with their life without Gisele.

How Did Mr. Nobody Fake Han’s Death?

With F9’s confirmation that Han never ever passed away through the events of Tokyo Drift and Furious 7, the main focus turns to just how precisely the plan had been carried out. The logistics regarding the plan dropped to Mr. Nobody, that has enough resources readily available to set up Han effectively’s “death.” Granted, timing became one of the keys to your plan, which exercised perfectly after Mr. Nobody and Han caught wind of Deckard’s travels to Tokyo with plans of revenge. Somehow, the set knew whenever Deckard would pursue Han, establishing the master plan in position.

While F9 takes the proper time for you to outline Han’s faked death, you will find certainly some aspects that still require describing. As Takashi ended up being chasing Kang’s character through the streets of Tokyo, Deckard had been focusing on Han before causing the wreck that is fiery. Once the motor vehicle rushes into flames, it seemed as though Han had been still caught in the automobile. Nonetheless, he had been standing close to Mr. Nobody, watching the event unfold nearby, totally out of harm’s way, hinting that some sort of hologram ended up being used. Based on Mr. Nobody, a trick that is”magic was used to fake Han’s death, plus it evidently wasn’t even one of its own best, nonetheless, it worked nonetheless. Everybody outside of Mr. Nobody’s secret bubble believed Han had perished.

What Han Has Been Doing Since Faking His Death

Seeing that Mr. Nodoby’s plan worked wonderfully, Han was able to join the ops which can be covert, switching their focus to venture Aries. A team of armed agents killed the homeowners as Han broke into the house of two researchers to recoup these devices. Rather than just escape using the device, Han remained behind to save lots of the experts’ 11-year-old child, Elle (Anna Sawai). He then emerged as her caregiver that is primary to safeguard her, considering she had been the important thing to unlocking the Project Aries device with her DNA.

Keeping Elle safe is Han’s primary mission from his “death” to the brief moment he reunites with Dom and the other people. For the reason that time, he lives a life that is secludedly cluing in their buddies about their success. As he describes, playing dead had been his chance that is better off living and undertaking their objective to protect Elle. Needless to say, that modifications when Jakob gets their fingers regarding the device and Elle, but Han shows no reluctance in placing their life exactly in danger for many he considers family, such as the Tokyo Drift that is the old crew. Using the intent to make use of Project Aries thwarted and Elle deemed safe by the conclusion of F9, Han now features a chance that is new live their life out in the wild. Issued, he can surely volunteer to simply help Dom together with the team as soon as the conflict is next.

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