Sung Kang reveals exactly how Han Lue’s expected return has held a key for the future Fast & Furious 9 film by director Justin Lin and Universal.

Sung Kang reveals how Han’s return in Fast & Furious 9 was kept a key. The Fast Saga is entering its last trilogy with all the Justin Lin-directed that is upcoming installment. While there are many what to be worked up about it, like the introduction of Dom’s brother, Jakob, arguably many plotlines that are buzz-worthy the resurrection of Han Lue.

Introduced into the Fast, therefore, the Furious: Tokyo Drift whilst the mentor that is newly-wealthy of Boswell, it had been sooner or later unveiled that he’s linked to Dom and their team. Because of the Fast & Furious films’ convoluted schedule, Han’s tale had been later fleshed out in Fast & Furious, Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6 together with his fatal car wreck place that is theoretically taking the events of the films. By Furious 7, the franchise unveiled which he had been killed in Tokyo by Deckard Shaw, who had been revenge that is plotting the “la Familia” for what happened to their bro, Owen — the group’s one-time adversary.

“Justin [Lin] and Universal, everybody was really on top of hiding me on set. There’s a lot of cast photos early on. If you look at the Fast 9 photos from the set, there’s all these birthday parties and stuff, I’m never invited.

I would see the birthday cakes from afar, but it’s part of the fun. It’s really cool to be part of that kind of narrative.”

Offered what’s known about the character’s fate in The Fast Saga, his return in F9 has been such a topic that is a favorite among fans. There weren’t any rumblings that can be persistent that he’s featuring within the movie. In accordance with Kang, within a meeting with Digital Spy, it’s all as a result of Lin and Universal to make certain that the shock wasn’t spoiled, adding that even yet in cast birthday parties, he had been invited to ensure there clearly was no leak. As he took it seriously, not telling his wife about Han’s return for him.
The cast and team from the film shared snaps of their time working on the project, and in case the folks involved weren’t careful, they are able to have effortlessly let the aforementioned information slip through the filming of F9. In spite of the lengths being great Lin and Universal went through to make sure that there have been no inadvertent spoilers escaping ., they opted to reveal that the character is definitely alive early within the film’s advertising process. This is really an easy method that is clever to handle the specific situation. Instead of keeping the key until the task released in theaters, further risking any leak, confirming that Han has returned allows the conversation that is general public move ahead from whether or otherwise not he’s into the installment to just how he’s in it. Regardless, people’s interests are piqued which may much more likely make them really want to check on the blockbuster away.

Han’s resurrection is certainly one of, or even the secret that is biggest starting Fast & Furious 9. provided that there surely is also interest around Jakob and his complicated relationship with Dom, long-time fans of The Fast Saga are understandably more invested in someone they’ve known for very long. Whether or not the movie will fully answer this question is due to the fact is unknown Lin is verified to helm the last two films into the franchise. It’s also crucial that justice for what occurred to your character is delivered, as demanded by the Justice For Han motion.

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