Record of Ragnarok is trending because of poor animation quality! Anime fans compare the animation quality to “The Way of the Househusband”, calling the animation a slide show presentation.

Record of Ragnarok started in 2017 being a show that is manga Japan titled Shuumatsu no Walküre. It’s a battle manga featuring various numbers which can be mythological divinities fighting each other. An anime adjusting the manga’s scenes which are over-the-top very awaited by fans.


Sadly, the Record of Ragnarok adaption turned out to have animation quality that is dubious. It is a situation we should have observed coming, seeing this really isn’t the time that is first “Netflix Original” anime task eventually ends up this way.

The signs which can be first the series’ trailers, posted some time after Record of Ragnarok‘s anime was first announced in December 2020. Those were poorly were and animated particularly disappointing besides the sound acting.

Speaking of which, one of the good facets of the anime is the voice acting, as it features several seiyuu that is veteran. Including Hikaru Midorikawa (Heero in Gundam Wing) or Miyuki Sawashiro (Puchiko in Di Gi Charat). The English dub is of high quality because well and left in good hands.


Nevertheless, besides the animation quality, which objectively isn’t that bad, one thing that particularly’s disappointing is how anime doesn’t adapt the manga’s iconic facial expressions. The feminine characters especially have actually incredibly toned down expressions into the anime compared to the manga as artist @TheGoldenSmurf pointed away on Twitter, many of the figures


Especially with all the Covid-19 pandemic, many anime projects these past two years finished with very animation quality that is low. Nevertheless, the pandemic only accentuated problems present in the anime that is Japanese for many years. Underpaid animators, strict schedules, or production committees raking in all the gains in place of animation studios.

By the end associated with the time, Netflix productions still experience problems that are exactly the same. Record of Ragnarok is unfortunately definitely not the time that is last seeing an anime similar to this. Nowadays, many studios are overbooked years in the foreseeable future, and certain studios in specific like Mappa appears to be constantly working its animators 24 / 7.

When it comes to future associated with anime industry in Japan, many believe, myself included, because of it to get better is for this to totally stop operating once that it’s a lost cause and also the only means. And restart on a better basis. Most notably with no Anime Production Committee system. Some members regarding the anime industry will also be checking out options such as the Anime support task.

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