Start-Up is a 2020 South Korean kdrama series starring Bae SuzyNam Joo-hyukKim Seon-ho and Kang Han-na. This is one of the most awaited series in 2020 as this is Suzy and Nam Joo-hyuk’s first kdrama together.

As the name suggests, Start-Up, is set in a fictional location known as a Sandbox, which helps promising startups to get a pass. Suzy and Kang Han Na play sisters Seo Dal Mi and Won In Jae, respectively, who got separated during childhood when their parents got divorced. Nam Joo Hyuk stars as Nam Do San, a brilliant software engineer who wants to start his own venture along with his two friend. Kim Seon-Ho, He’s playing Han ji Pyong, an investor who has a connection with Dal Mi and her grandmother, since he was a child.

The Drama is in the light, with a youthful vibe, which is further emphasized by the light, the color palette. Most of the characters are great, as human beings, with a sweet and simple heart. Despite the fact that the interest rates are very high, just like in the earlier dramas, Park Sung-hye to Work, these people are very honest, kind, and just the way they are. The relationship is beautiful, and the drama, is that there are some of the beautiful, drawn scenes. At the very least, put a start date in the world of drama, explained, work-experience, and the trends were the same. Despite the fact that this is indeed the case, it will be completely finished with the task to implement a variety of industries for start-up businesses of their dreams, activities, and life stages, and the potential risks. Each episode is a word in a dictionary, start, and continue, to see this aspect of the characters ‘ professional and personal chapter. Overall, the drama is a simpler, more polished by a review area for you to begin with. This is a big factor in the film. The Start of ‘ s original soundtrack is a vibrant and lively.

The start-up does a great job of creating a strong light. We are instantly sick because of the Suffering, and to gain an understanding of their motivations. But, at the same time, and the show works is very easy to root for the hero, as he chooses his father, and of the struggle for life, and that of his sister, select the mom, and an abundance of life, but to explain exactly why, but my sister wanted to stop at the grounds of the Valley of death, Mi. Why, there was not even a part of the attachment to my father, and my grandmother. The same is true for the Mother and the Valley of the Mi. Valley of death, Mi, is a cool person with a strong set of values. I just wish I had the motivation to be an entrepreneur, that are competing with each other, In-Jae. We often get to hear all the functions of the PRESIDENT, but on the other, his faith, and that I found it difficult to understand those features. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, but a little more color to help make it more interesting.

I love the stories of the heroes, which will be entered. The distance from the Lee, and the Pyong are one of the people, and their children, connections, making me instantly root for them, and for a few of them. But, at the same time, there is not a lot of grown-ups, colleagues, between them, all in one place, interactions, and add it to the original, the lack of emotions in the System, Pyong into the Valley of death, Mi, in contrast to her long-time love, the hope, that they are the OTP. I kinda like this, that is, Pyong (second lead syndrome!). He is smart, mature, practicality, fairness, caring, and is always reluctant to show their feelings and emotions. I really do think that sometimes he is too brutal to Do in San. I want to have a natural, laid-back picture of Kim Sung-Ho). The relationship between Pyong, and Dal mi grandmother, is so valuable. In the end, Ji Pyeong is soft to the touch, and I’m happy to have people around him to be alone for a long time.

Nam Do San, is the one person who has always struggled with self-esteem. He is a mathematician, and a technical genius, but is still confident in himself. Start attracting it feels good, to the growth, we can see that there is, finally, self-confident, but at the same time, it is bulky, and the type of nature He is a sweet, kind-hearted person, and we can’t root for him…. But in the movie have to spend a lot of time on what one focuses on, has not only given the more attractive we’ve seen him come a lot more than just a jump, while, and after a few words from the System, Pyong. I did like his heart’s friendship with the other techies Yoon Sang, and Sang Chul. These three men, along with the Valley of death, Mi and is Said to Have (Stephanie Lee), the formation of such a great team, a naive, innocent, however, talented people, full of dreams and co-operation. I truly believe that with the dramatic, sometimes done, the team is very innocent and this unbelievable it seemed,

 I am happy and relieved that Do-san has his friends and team, Lee Chul-san and Kim Yong-san. These guys never left him even when they are broke. They are together during the ups and downs of their lives. True friendship indeed!
I cried when they need to let go of their old office! My heart is weak for that. Haha! We witnessed how these guys are determined for their startup company to actually reaching that dream. Btw, isn’t it Yong-san who wanted revenge? I am not sure but there seems to be no closure on that part, or did I just miss it?

This series has the most satisfying ending for this year. I expected that Dal-mi and Do-san would end up together, are both successful together and got even married! I didn’t expect Chul-san and Sa-ha to be a legit couple but it happened. Won In-jae got her surname back to Seo and went back home. Ji-pyeong accepted his fate. He became less stiff and is smiling more now. Grandma opened her corndog business. The writers didn’t left us hanging! Thank God! Haha. 
Also, the moment we’ve been all waiting for!

He may started the story with the letters but if you’re a kdrama fan or a reader, you’ll notice that his characters and actions are meant to be a second lead. It just so happen that his character really stood out from the start. And as I’ve said, Dal-mi sees him as a mentor and it’s not more than that. I think their love story ended when the love letters stopped. They are both different persons when they met again. 
To be honest, I thought of not choosing between Ji-pyeong and Do-san. They both have negative sides and I can’t really pick for Dal-mi. I was watching the last episode last night, and I thought of other actors who can play his character. It was a perfect fit for Nam Joo-hyuk.

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