JTBC has shared with us two of the uniqueness of new teasers for their upcoming drama, “But are”!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, But most of the romantic drama stars, Han Seo Hee as Yoo Na-Bi, is a woman who doesn’t believe in love, but I still want to meet up, and Sung Kang, Park Jae El, a man who doesn’t want to see, but you still want to have an affair.

Two of the recently released the “teaser-the video call,” the drama of Sung Kang-and He’s So-Hee, and allows viewers to fast-track their lines directly into the camera.

In the first clip, Song Kang said, “I’m going to go and buy some ice cream. Would you like to come with me?” Since then, I think, they asked him why, he continued, “Just because of that. You are the beautiful one. But, you know, you surprised me. “When you smile, you seem to be any different.”

In the meantime, Han Seo Hee’s music video, and the response,” What do we have here? Why are you here?” He continued to laugh, jokingly, “Why are you smiling? Are you really that thirsty with me?” “Where do you want to go now?'”

“Nevertheless” will premiere on June 19 at 11 p.m. KST.

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