In season 1, the climactic finale, the “Sweet tooth”, is filled with many mysteries and unsolved questions about the hybrid children and the virus.

Season 1 of the Sweet Teeth of the ends of a large rock, and carries many of the outstanding questions that remain to be solved. Based-on-comics by Jeff Lemire, Sweet-toothed, Christian Convery, playing a young hibridi deer-old boy named Gus, and Nonso Anozie is his reluctant companion, guardian and Tommy, the “Big One” Gepperd.

From the very beginning, the Sweet Taste, is full of secrets. “The reason for the Major Accident”, as a result of which the people had been destroyed by the H5G9 the virus, and all of the children began to be born as a hybrid, animals and people. Gus’s mother, and why is his father, who has already run away when the Disaster started? What happened to Tommy, his career as a professional football player, and his new life as a lone wanderer? These are questions that will be in part be answered by the end of the first season of a Sweet tooth, but still, there are a lot of details that are lurking in the shadows.

When you consider that it is an overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, though, the Sweet Taste, and then break through to the number one position on Netflix in its opening weekend, for an extension of the second season are even more likely to happen. Here are the biggest unanswered questions in to the Sweet Tooth, Season 2

What Actually Happened To Tommy’s Son & Wife?

The season finale of “Sweet Tooth”, it reveals the tragedy, hidden in Tommy’s past.” He and his wife, the hybrid son of a look around on the road, and while Tommy was to decide whether or not to place Louise, and their children to go back to the maternity ward, and to do his fatherly duties, but they have disappeared, as if swept away by the authorities. Of course, it is also possible that Louise saw Tommy in the elevator and, as he was afraid that he was deserted, the people who came in to pick up her baby, and decided to go to the hospital for yourself. What, exactly, is happening to them, and if they are still alive, it remains a mystery to me.

Who Leave Windy at zoo?

Another mystery surrounding the hybrid baby of the question, leaving It to raise Aimee. Closing the gap between It and that the authorities took it away from, a bear, a small, pig, and girl is prepared in a shopping cart outside of the park. One possible explanation for this is that one of the Last People to have in mind and wanted to save the child from the terrible fate of being destroyed, or who is the subject of the experiment. This can be Done, one of the Last of the Men, before the start of a new life as a stray lone wolf, and that he would have a good reason to be sympathetic to the hybrid child. It can also be a Johnny and a General Abbott’s right-hand man, who showed that the blow to his head. However, when one asks Johnny to deal with the Eclipse, He and I, We are warned that he hadn’t messed anything up, which means that he was past it. Johnny is also releasing First, and I, in order to be free, even if they have not been released.

How Are The Sick & The Hybrids Related?

The last man of the army, and the fact that the majority of the human race remains a lack of hybrids in the spread of H5G9 a virus, simply because the animal is a human, and children began to be born at the same time, people began to die. Of course, the hybrids don’t actually make people sick, but a Birdie, ” said the viruses and their hybrids are the two sides of the same coin, as they are related to. Both of the hybrids, and the virus is derived from the same microbe that Birdie’s team, which is available to Alaska? Or, perhaps, a few of the unique antibacterial properties are returned, the one that leads to the creation of the hybrid, and the other end to the destruction of the human race.

Why The Purple Flowers Bloom Close By The Sick?

The human-animal hybrid, and H5G9 system quirks that came up during the time of the Crash. There are people who get sick, and when a strange purple flowers appear. Episode 5 of “Sweet Tooth”, the things that are available in the “Bear” features Tommy, and Gus will end up with a great product, this is the colour of the so-called ” Valley of Sorrow, and they will find a hallucinatory effect, after Gus accidentally hit them. They are flowers that are in charge of what is the cause of the disease, or, perhaps, another reason why they are growing that the virus is that it?

After Bear Leave ,What Really Happened To The Animal Army?

After losing his family at a young age, Mishka, the creation of new families of children have been orphaned due to the destroyed and you are ready to fight for the protection of the hybrids. However, the control of the Animal’s Army, to flee when the Tiger is throwing a challenge for them, and the army descend into chaos. It is unlikely that we saw at the end of the Fauna of the Army, in view of the importance of the Tiger, the Bear’s life. However, the Tiger, the bow of the redemption is the second season of the into the night, or, what is going on in the Army of the Beasts which are much more destructive and out of them, then controlled by the polar Bears?

What Happened To Jimmy & He Is Still Alive Or Not?

Tommy’s friend, Jimmy, a courageous won the the time of the Gus, the Bear, and Tommy, in order to avoid a fight, the large number of people in the home. The forecast is for the people who are trying to fight to the Last, People are often very beautiful, and Jimmy recently saw how to defeat him by submission. However, this does not mean that he is dead.” Maybe he managed to get out, and get on the train, or it may be that he was taken prisoner, but is kept alive for interrogation.

For What Reason Bridie Is In Alaska?

To find all of the Birdie, satellite tv, a telephone, a Bear could get in, and get in touch with Gus being a mother. It is known that the Birdie is in Alaska, in a research center, where the microbes to create hybrids, and H5G9 a virus is found. Birdie was going to try to find Gus, but it appears that at some point, his goal was the same. Maybe Alaska is looking for a way to treat the virus as a way to atone for the mistakes of the free world. However, if this is the case, his priorities may be in conflict with each other, and that is when he learns that he is still alive and, in general, of Any jewelry.

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