Ubisoft is poised to surprise players again at this year’s digital E3 event, but some franchises have come a long way in new announcements.

One of the biggest video game events of the year almost came here. Once again, E3 will bring a share of new updates and sure announcements to delight and amaze fans around the world. E3 will be a fully-fledged digital event this year, and one of the biggest sports companies, Ubisoft, has organized its Ubisoft Forward event to showcase its upcoming game. Fans can log in on June 12 at 12 PM PT to see updates on some of the major real estate companies, including Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed and Rainbow Six, and much more

While Ubisoft has already informed fans that there will be news on these major topics we have already discussed, there are many other franchises under the company wing that fans are excited about. Ubisoft’s large gaming franchise library includes a number of games that are not only recommended for tracking that are already lacking in scheduler companies, sometimes for years without updates. Anything can and will happen on E3, and every year interested fans are amazed by the announcements and updates. Ubisoft will definitely present its surprise at the event, hopefully including some of these franchises that are badly represented.


Tom Clancy’s product has been a blessing to Ubisoft over the past few years. Rainbow Six and The Division have brought millions of fan-friendly shooters with thousands of hours of fun. That’s why it came as no surprise to many that the company announced last month that engineer Red Storm would follow Division 2 with another co-shooter in the fridge, Division: Heartland.

Surprisingly, Division: Heartland will be a free game that will focus on survival issues and take action in rural areas of the United States where the ‘deadly disease’ series has spread. This transition to free play is an exciting experience for many, but Red Storm is an engineer who knows Tom Clancy and has worked in the franchise since 1997 Tom Clancy’s Politics. Hopefully, Heartland can take this series in an exciting new way, and Ubisoft is giving this new title a good introduction to E3.


Although Tom Clancy’s brand has been a huge success for Ubisoft over the past few years, it has been irrefutable as the 2019 release, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint, has released unprecedented reviews and criticism for mass microtransaction. Ghost Recon is a popular and very exciting series with players in its 20-year history. However, as Ubisoft continued to advance the series in the action space and left the intricate features of hardcore fans, Ghost Recon lost its ownership.

While the developers worked hard to develop Breakpoint, the announcement of the new Ghost Recon that brought the series back to its strategic roots not only divided Ghost Recon into Division but also delighted fans who clung to the series for decades using its ups and downs. A soft reboot of the series could be a good way for Ghost Recon, but fans will have to wait and see if Ubisoft will bring this E3.


Rayman is one of Ubisoft’s most respected franchises, with a bodyless mascot featured in all sorts of entertainment, spinoffs, and the Mario crossover in 2017’s Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. However, since then the Nintendo switchch release of Rayman Legends in 2017 has the biggest Rayman release claimed by Ubisoft.

Rayman Legends was first released in 2013, two generations of console past, and although it was carried many times, there is no official sequence name. Rayman’s new theme featuring a beautiful artistic style of comic book, comedy tone, and a mix of action / stage mix that can blend in with Rayman’s fans over the years.


Announced all the way back to E3 2017, Ubisoft shocked fans as it revived the Beyond Good and Evil series with a lovely classic track / prequel created by presenter Michel Ansel. Since then, Ansel has left the development of the video game, and Ubisoft has continued to refresh fans with the Beyond Good and Evil 2 streams and E3 trailers.

Although Beyond Good and Evil 2 was publicly announced when the development was just below the planning stage, fans have been complaining about a lot of news about the highly anticipated prequel, and E3 seems to be the best stage to show what developers are working on. Beyond Good and Evil 2 promises a huge open world, where players can explore the giant planets with starship and engage in clashes in a truly unique world. After waiting patiently for four years, it is time for fans of the series to get a glimpse of what awaits this title of prominence

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